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Summer League Schedule

Lousy Bowlers League!  Mondays 7:30 pm  3 to a team, andy mix of guys and gals.  $7.00 a week  14 week season.  Starts May 5th

Tuesday Sport Shot.  6:30 pm.  Bowl on a Professional Bowler lane pattern!  $11.00 per week  3 to a team, any mix.  Starts May 6th

VIP Summer League  Thursdays at 6:30 pm   4 to a team, any mix.  FUN league with beer and liquor specials.   $10.00 per person per week. Starts Thursday May 8th.

Call 317-736-5177 to sign up today!!








Call 736-5177 or email us your information and what league you would like to join at hiwaylanes@gmail.com