iStock_000004486796XSmallWe have many fundraising events at Hi-Way Lanes!!!!

Our most popular is the 50/50 program.

Here is how it works….

Your organization picks a day and time to run the event. (Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings are the most popular.)

The event consists of 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental included.

Participants are charged $12.00 per person—and 50% of the money raised goes back to the fundraising organization.

Example: 50 people bowl–you raise $300.00 in 2 hours. You are also allowed to do silent auctions, raffles and bake sales during your 2 hour event.

$12.00 is the minimum charge per person, many charge $15.00 for the bowling.

Call us at 317-736-5177 or email us at to book you fundraising event!